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M. Guehenno’s thoughtful concerns might well be heeded by Australian authorities. Disaffected youth, probably young testorterone fired men, in Australia pose the same risk. The haves and have not differentials are in plain view, these days in many ways the haves are supported by legislation. University controlled placements, a myriad of licences for all sorts of commerce from taxi work to carers. “Planning” restrictions reduce opportunities and create great costs to potential land ownership or start up business. We are truly overgoverned and there are consequences beyond the monetary when when free enterprise is shackled by minority groups winning claims for legislated exclusivity. With some 400,000 in Canberra (including Queanbeyan) in perhaps the “free” world’s most socialistic capital doing their level best to increase their good fortune at the expense of us subjects, little wonder some discontent at the bottom of heap. Let alone the burgeoning bureaucracies at state and local levels.