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Judith’s article tells us that there are several Commonwealth bodies doing the same thing. IGR from the Charter of Budget Honesty (aren’t governments honest anyway?), National Commission of Audit, Parliamentary Budget Office and I’ll bet the Taxation Office. What we need now is a new statutory body; the Office of Bureaucratic Enhanced Forecasting who will bring all the Government Forecasting strands together with its own research into the processes of manipulating the Future. Nirvana awaits.

Budget repair would be possible by curtailing expenditure on bureaucracy (Canberra pop. nearly 400,000). In addition taking the dead hand off private enterprise would spur growth. Accepting that governments should not be in business will be the problem even for the Liberals. Costello’s Future Fund was possible mainly because the world, read China, bought our minerals at inflated prices. The thought that it could be administered wisely by an expensive bureaucracy and polititians whose livelihoods do not depend on its success is laughable. This ridiculous Fund just deprived the general economy of money that would have been put to efficient use by private enterprise. We should add to our Constitution that Government will not engage in business.