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Ditch passports for ditch: NZ minister
AAP APRIL 23, 2015 5:07AM
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NEW Zealand’s minister in charge of passports has invoked the spirit of Anzac in urging Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott to scrap them for New Zealanders and Australians crossing the ditch.

IN a pre-Anzac Day statement, Internal Affairs Minister Peter Dunne says the trans-Tasman relationship is “more akin to that of the distant cousin, rather than the close sibling we like to portray it as”.

Since New Zealand rejected the invitation to join the Commonwealth of Australia at the time of federation in 1901, there have been attempts to reinvigorate the relationship, most notably the Closer Economic Relations agreement of 1983, the United Future party leader says.
“But benign neglect has been the more general characteristic,” he said.
“And in such interactions as occur, the presumption is always of New Zealand being not quite on a par with New South Wales, rather than as an equal sovereign nation.
“The nadir most surely aside from the infamous underarm incident must have been the Keating government’s decision via a curt late night fax in the early 1990s to terminate consideration of a single aviation market.”
Mr Dunne says there are arguably no more similar peoples on earth than Australians and New Zealanders, who “genuinely like each other” despite all the rivalries.
As the Anzac spirit is invoked this weekend, he suggested marking the occasion by reinvigorating the Australia-New Zealand relationship.
“A practical starting point would be to allow our respective citizens free movement across our borders, without the need for a passport, as is increasingly the case in Europe,” he said.
“The spectacular memorial gift to grace Wellington’s Pukeahu park is one thing but, Mr Abbott, a move on passports would be a much more enduring recognition of the bond we say we forged at Gallipoli.”

How true, an excellent article from David Uren, the limits of Government are laid bare.

The Harper Competition Review has complied for us the obvious pathways towards real growth and prosperity. Blind Freddie could recite most of the suggested areas for serious reform, most of those reforms involve a long forgotten idea called “free enterprise.”

In particular the Harper report asks us to consider competition in planning and land land zoning. Don’t hold your breath, like all the other mooted reforms this will be consigned to the archives. Weak kneed polititians looking only to the next election will not wish to upset all the vested interests in this most important area of national economic life, as in all the others. The planners, land developers, the mortgage industry ie banks and a know it all ego mentality will see to that. The whole picture clouded and complicated because it is the states that have the major controls. As Richard said Deng Xiaoping had the right idea, free enterprise zones to start the ball rolling. But can anyone imagine a free enterprise zone in Canberra? One can only dream. But if it did happen it would soon spread, just like Joh’s decision to remove death taxes in QLD, many moons ago, spread quickly to the other states.


Because the livestock transaction form has been changed it was necessary to obtain a new book of forms, cost $40.

This I did by phone but only after I was required (blackmailed?) to recite “yes” to all nine questions as below in the forwarded email from “LPA AusMeat” whoever they are. Another Independent statutory Government business body?

This thoroughly impolite, humiliating and insulting procedure is no doubt being repeated to practically all livestock owners throughout Australia. What a great way to consolidate the view that big government has little respect for Australian producers.

Citizens should be not treated like potential criminals. This behaviour by Government is all too prevalent, similar also are the new incomprehensible and unworkable Part 61 licencing rules from CASA, but that’s another story.



———- Forwarded message ———-
From: <>
Date: Thursday, April 2, 2015
Subject: LPA Commitment Confirmation – DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL
To: s…..


Attention: Alexander Reith,

The LPA Database has recently been updated by you and shows that as the authorised representative of Property Identification Code (PIC…………… that you have confirmed your commitment to ensuring that the requirements of being an LPA Accredited Producer are understood and met at all times.

A copy of the Declaration as agreed to by you is highlighted below for your records:

I understand that eligibility to use LPA National Vendor Declarations (LPA NVDs) is restricted to PICs that are accredited under the LPA Program;
I have read and understood the requirements of the LPA Program as described in the LPA Rules and Standards (as amended from time to time);
I will seek to ensure all persons with access to LPA NVDs for this PIC will comply with the requirements of the LPA Rules and Standards at all times;
I will ensure that all records required by LPA Administration and the LPA Rules and Standards are maintained, including auditable evidence to demonstrate compliance with the five (5) elements of the LPA Standards: Property Risk Assessment, Animal Treatment records, Agricultural Chemical Usage and Stockfeeds, Preparation of Livestock and Livestock Movements and Transactions;
I will provide access to LPA Administration to conduct random audits as required under the LPA program (irrespective of whether the business is a hobby farm, small/large operation, or is currently destocked);
I will take any corrective and preventive action as required under the LPA Rules and Standards;
I will cease using NVDs displaying the LPA logo if accreditation is withdrawn;
All information provided to LPA applicable to this PIC is correct to the best of my knowledge;
I will inform LPA Administration of all changes applicable to the LPA Accreditation of PIC ……….


Your LPA Login Details are also highlighted below:

User ID: ……..
Password: ….


Have you considered ordering your future NVD orders online?
To order online go to and login with your LPA User ID and password.

Alternatively, have you considered using the electronic versions of the NVD (eDECs). To register for the Producer eDEC program logon to your LPA user profile (; select the Producer eDEC button and follow the prompts.


For all enquires forward an email to

General information about the LPA Program can be obtained from the following website