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  • Sandy says:

    Dear Reader,

    This blog site is written in order to promote freedom and prosperity in Australia and especially in two particular areas with which I am familiar.

    1. Planning or land zoning.
    I define this as the political control over private land use. This system of control was introduced in the 60′s in Victoria by the Bolte Liberal government. My parents were amongst the first people to come up against unfavourable planning decisions, out of which stemmed four court cases over a number of years. These proceedings were sufficient to create a life-time interest in the machinations of politics in general and our freedom of land use in particular. The notion of land control is flawed, against free enterprise, open to corruption, and has created artificially high property costs, especially in the major city residential market. These high prices have created many structural problems for society, and cause inequality in an unfair and unaustralian way. For a contrasting view of a free market land use city, Google Houston USA, or look at our own historical performance with the free market predominating, prior to so-called planning.

    2. The promotion of general aviation (GA).
    Because of our geography and demographics Australia needs a viable and vibrant GA industry. Due to a lack of government interest GA has been increasingly taxed, harassed, and severely over regulated to the stage now where it cannot function to meet the needs of the nation. The main regulator, the Civil Aviation Authority (CASA) now exists mainly for itself at a huge cost to taxpayer and GA. CASA ‘make work’ programs and various schemes, rorts by any other name, are the order of the day. There are operators in court and aviation people put out of business, licences suspended, without due process and often for the most questionable of motives.

    I invite your comment and interest in these two main areas of neglected public policy.

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