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From an article in the Australian today about the Parliamentary Budget Office, apparently created as the result of some deal by Gillard to overcome the unreliable estimates of political parties, those not in government,  when making all sorts of spending promises.

Another fifty additional on the Canberra taxpayer payroll. Wonder what total cost is? CASA employs 830 at average $139,000 (working a 7.5 hr day)  so 50 bright sparks @$150,000 equals $7.5 million plus on costs say 40%. Over 10 years more than $100 million to add to the deficit, because a vastly more expensive Treasury can’t be trusted to get the figures right. So this PBO body actually recruits from Treasury the same people that could not make the figures add up in the first place. The Canberra gravy train, nearly 400,000 population, continues. They must be laughing. Alexander in the Rises.